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Approval is genuine liberality. — Goethe

Frühstückstreff Testimonial

I joined your group for the first time on Saturday, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful evening at the Rhein-Main Summerfest 2003. I enjoyed everything: the people, the food, the location, the organisation, ... perfect ... and I'm already looking forward to upcoming events.
-- Christina Peters, Rodgau.

You are a really nice group, and I enjoyed myself on Sunday.
-- Ingeborg Ehses, Darmstadt

My friend and I attended the Früsthückstreff at the Orangerie yesterday, and we met Jacqueline as well. It's great how you manage this. I'll be back if my schedule allows it.
-- Bianca, 30, Berlin.

Typisch Frühstückstreff: angeregte Unterhaltung in netter Gesellschaft

We met at the Frühstückstreff on 3rd February 2002 and had our first date two weeks later. We are a couple since and we have been super-happy. We've just gone on vacation together and we are going to move in together soon! Have fun at upcoming Frühstückstreff gatherings, ... It's a great idea!!!
-- Sigrid and André, Düsseldorf

We were nine women and one man at Rondo 45 in Darmstadt today. It was a nice and relaxed atmosphere. We just would have liked to see a few more men. I really liked the gathering, and not just because I was the only man among so many women.
-- Karlheinz, Darmstadt.

... in short: it was "super". We were 10-14 people, and the conversation flowed well. I've decided that I'd like to take the idea to Tübingen or Reutlingen and start Frühstückstreff there.
-- Martin Vitt-Reber, 39 Jahre, Tübingen.

I just wanted to let you know that your superb organisation fascinates me. This is incredible!!!
-- Marlies, 46 Jahre, Groß-Gerau

Graffiti von der Love & Fun Party am 25.10.02 im factoryclub in Darmstadt

RedBlue 26 loves RedBlue 29
-- Graffiti from the Love & Fun Party on 25th October 2002 at the factoryclub Darmstadt

I have already received nice e-mails through Love & Fun! Super!
-- Claudia, 36, Darmstadt

I'm sorry I can't come to the Frühstückstreff next Sunday, but I think it's a super idea to organize something like that. I'll join you next time.
-- Ivana Bosnjak, 19, Neuwied.

Your homepage is really good, and I hope we will get to know eachother personally next year.
-- Tom, 32, Ludwigsburg.

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